"Watching Your Investment Like a Hawk"

Property Management

We use advanced software to support our Property Management service and continue to stay on top of proven, cutting-edge solutions. We aggressively market your property using the MLS and the most visited online hot spots, along with our realty relationships; we rigorously evaluate every prospective tenant; we negotiate the Lease Agreements; collect rent and sales tax, as well as remit sales tax for every property; our list of licensed and bonded vendors allow us to manage repairs, upgrades, and renovations with ease. Our 24/7 management software allows Owners to have a view of their asset's activity on demand. It provides reporting functionality, financial updates, accounting, maintenance view, as well as all documents associated with your asset. In addition, in the unfortunate need to utilize legal action, we have access to the best attorneys in the area of Real Estate Law and are able to move swiftly on behalf of the Owner.